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Monroe County Schools

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Mountain View School

Mountain View School

On Monday, October 15th at 6 p.m., Mountain View held a pajama party and Read aloud for Pre-K through 4th grade students in the school library.  During the event, local volunteers participated by reading various picture books to students and parents who attended the party.


Those in attendance were served refreshments of popcorn and juice as they listened to the selections.  Volunteers who read for the celebration included:  Kris Long, Doris McCurdy, Candace Sabol, Angelina Jones and Deputy Mike Heller.  In addition all students in attendance received a free book and a teddy bear.  Gifts of teddy bears were made possible as a result of monetary donations received from Sandy Humphries, Susan Ryan, Phyllis Baker, Nancy McCormick, Linda Elmore, Cathy Hylton and Jenny Persinger.


The primary goal of the read aloud was to inspire students and parents to practice reading aloud to their parents, siblings and teddy bear.  Parents were provided with a brochure outlining the importance of reading aloud and literacy milestones achieved by children.  This was the first of several events that the Title I Department at Mountain View Schhol has planned for this school year.  Everyone at Mountain View would like to extend appreciation to all parents, students, volunteers, and community members whose attendance and contributions made this event a success.