Monroe County Alternative School, housed at MCTC, provides the opportunity for students who have been expelled from school to continue academic studies.  Courses are assigned to meet individual student needs.

For questions regarding the alternative school program, contact:

Tricia P. King, CTE Director and Alternative School Principal 304-753-9971 ext. 103,

Rules and Expectations for Alternative School

  1. Students assigned to alternative school must report immediately to the MCTC office upon arrival each day.
  2. All phones, electronic devices, pocket knives, etc. are to be turned in at MCTC office upon arrival each day. Any item not turned in, if seen or found, will result in confiscation of the item and disciplinary action.
  3. No purses or bookbags allowed in the room.
  4. Keep hands to self. No rubber bands, no throwing items across the room.
  5. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Jaw checks (looking in mouth for tobacco) completed randomly as needed. Deputy will be called if any of these items are found.
  6. No sitting on tables or desks, no sleeping, no laying in the floor. No propping feet on tables or desks. No laying in chairs. No turning around sitting backwards in chair. No laying head down on desk.
  7. Shoes stay on at all times.
  8. No profanity or insulting language will be tolerated.
  9. No computer use except Gradpoint and Khan Academy for classes. No other sites will be opened including google or bing searches, no attempts to listen to music or watch videos. Failure to comply will this rule will result in a write up and loss of computer privileges.
  10. No outside beverages unless they are in unopened bottles or cans. Lunch may be brought in clear plastic bags.
  11. Food permitted during breakfast and lunch times only unless permission given.
  12.  No sunflower seeds allowed. Gum allowed at teacher discretion.
  13. No excessive noise allowed; tapping pencils, stomping feet, popping gum, or animal noises.  These actions are distracting to others.
  14. No talking across the room to other students.
  15. No hats in the room or building, no hoods pulled up on head.
  16. School dress code will be followed- no inappropriate words or slogans on clothing.
  17. All school rule expectations and guidelines will be enforced.