CTE Director

Mrs. Tricia P. King, tpking@k12.wv.us        CTE Director, Co-op Supervisor, Service Personnel Testing Coordinator, Alternative School Principal



Mrs. Lisa Carter, lcarter@k12.wv.us



Mrs. Edna Weikle, edna.weikle@k12.wv.us


CTE English

Mr. Mark Blevins, mablevins@k12.wv.us       Embedded English, WHFI 106.7 FM Station Manager, NTHS Advisor


CTE Math

Mr. Pat Boone, pboone@k12.wv.us        Embedded Math, NOCTI Coordinator, NTHS Advisor


Alternative School Instructor

Mrs. Lori Feamster, lfeamster@k12.wv.us        Alternative School, Special Education


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Mr. Shawn Hill, whill@k12.wv.us        Animal Production, Livestock Management, Science of Agriculture, Fundamentals of Agricultural Mechanics,Agriculture Structures, Agriculture Equipment and Repair

Mr. Mitchell Boone, mitchell.boone@k12.wv.us       Introduction to Agriculture, Fundamentals of Animal Processing, Animal Processing - Retail, Animal Processing - Plant


Architecture & Construction

Mr. Kevin Shirey, kevin.shirey@k12.wv.us        Carpentry I, II, III, IV


Business Management & Administration

Mr. Tom Gardinier, william.gardinier@k12.wv.us        Business Computer I and II, Personal Finance, Business & Marketing Essentials


Education & Training

Mrs. Julie Bradley, jlbailey@k12.wv.us      Foundation in Education, Student Learning, Development, & Diversity, Early Childhood Education I, Elementary Literacy Awareness, Teacher Preparation: Seminar in Educational Practice


Government & Public Administration

MAJ Todd Longanacre, willliam.longanacre@k12.wv.us        JROTC I, II, III, and IV

MSG Michael Wiley, mawiley@k12.wv.us        JROTC I, II, III, and IV


Health Science

Ms. Jessica Allen,  jessica.bostic@k12.wv.us      Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Biomedical Innovation (Capstone)

Mrs. Erin Sowers, esowers@k12.wv.us      Foundations of Health Science, Advanced Principals of Health Science, Clinical Specialties I, Clinical Specialties II, Medical Terminology


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Mr. David Richmond, wdrichmond@k12.wv.us      Fundamentals of Public Safety Leadership, Ethical Issues in Public Safety, Practical Applications of Public Safety, Seminar in Corrections