Diversified Cooperative Learning

Diversified Cooperative Learning Experience 

Course Description:  

This course is designed for juniors or seniors in career and technical education (CTE) classes who are in their third or fourth course with satisfactory grades and attendance.  Students will be placed in an occupation (onsite for juniors) and may receive wages and/or credits toward graduation, and school-release time of a maximum of three hours per day.  Students who wish to enroll will need to complete the application and approval process through the CTE Director/Co-op Supervisor and gain approval through the superintendent. 


How to get started on co-op: 

  1. Find a worksite and discuss co-op with the worksite.  Make sure you can begin work once your application for co-op is approved.   
  1. Complete the application packet.  Turn in the completed packet, no later than the date indicated, to the CTE Director/Co-op Supervisor.   
  1. The Co-op Supervisor will schedule a visit to your worksite for a safety review and evaluation meeting with your worksite supervisor. 
  1. The Co-op Supervisor will then forward your entire packet to the superintendent for final approval.  Remember, you may not begin co-op until your final approval is received. While you wait to be approved, continue to attend your scheduled class. 
  1. Once the superintendent has approved your co-op application, you will be notified by the Co-op Supervisor and you may begin at your worksite. 

How to stay on co-op: 

  1. Check in or out of school each day at the JMHS or MCTC office.  Use your full name and co-op as your reason for checking in/out.  You are permitted to use co-op for the reason for your late arrival or early dismissal only during those periods when you are scheduled to co-op. The list is updated regularly and is on file with both schools. 
  1. You must be present at your co-op site daily.  The ONLY exceptions are days when school is closed/cancelled, or you miss school for a valid reason (sick, extracurricular activities, etc.).   
  1. Maintain a daily log of your hours worked.  Submit your log each month with your evaluation form. 
  1. Turn in monthly evaluations before the 5th of each month.   
  1. Failure to comply with the co-op agreement, declining grades, attendance issues (at school or your worksite), disciplinary action, and/or failure to submit work logs and monthly evaluations may be cause for dismissal from the co-op program. 

Co-op Forms: